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Excellence in Education

Tim will work to ensure fair pay for teachers and staff and to expand frontline teaching resources.

We must take care of our teachers! Providing job satisfaction and preventing teacher burnout are crucial in hiring and retaining good teachers. We must also offer frontline support in the classrooms where needed and help with the administrative and reporting workload.

Tim will encourage the teaching of science, technology, engineering, and math at all levels.

Science, technology, engineering, and math classes teach students to create inventions that can make life easier for us all. We need STEM classes to be taught at all levels so students with STEM aptitude can develop their talents and be highly competitive in college admissions and the workforce.

Tim will promote and expand Career and Technical Training programs.

Career & Technical Education programs provide opportunities for high school graduates to earn good pay with great benefits, such as college tuition assistance. The changing economy has created a massive demand for highly skilled workers in medical, auto repair, cybersecurity, and many other technical fields. 

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